What You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery

You could be contemplating breast augmentation surgery for a selection of reasons. Often, women will choose to get this cosmetic procedure after giving birth and exclusively breastfeeding for a while since their breasts will lose their initial volume. Women that have recently survived a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy will also consider breast augmentation surgery for reconstructive purposes.

Or maybe you simply do not like the size or shape of your breasts. Whatever the underlying reason, you probably have a multitude of questions regarding what to expect from the procedure. Before you go under the knife, check out this article, which highlights a few critical things you need to know when you are contemplating breast augmentation surgery.

Are big implants always the best option?

Simply because you are getting breast augmentation surgery does not mean you have to choose the biggest cup size available. In fact, going too big could make your breasts appear comical, and this, in turn, will detract from your overall appearance. Instead, the best way to figure out an appropriate cup size would be to consult with your cosmetic surgeon. While the doctor will consider your preferences, there are additional factors they will take into account so that you can have realistic expectations of the breast enhancements.

For example, the tautness of the skin around the breast will determine the size of implants that can be accommodated. Moreover, the amount of breast tissue present will also affect the size of implants. Overall, working with a cosmetic surgeon that offers three-dimensional simulations will give you clarity on what size of implants will work best for your expectations as well as your physique.

Will breast augmentation surgery reduce your risk of breast cancer?

A presumption that's some women make regarding breast augmentation surgery is that they will be at no risk of developing breast cancer after surgery, but this is incorrect. The reality is that unless you are undergoing reconstructive surgery because your breast tissue has already been removed, you will still have breast tissue.

Nonetheless, getting this cosmetic procedure will neither increase nor decrease your predisposition or risk factors of developing breast cancer. Fortunately, the implants do not affect the accuracy of mammograms, so you can still receive scheduled mammograms as recommended for cancer screening. However, it will be imperative that you inform the radiologist of the breast implants before each screening.

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