4 Things That Will Happen At Your Botox Appointment

Taking care of your skin can help you look great as you age. However, there are limits to the anti-aging effects that can't be achieved through topical treatments alone. Botox can reduce and prevent wrinkles on a muscular level. This is what will happen at your Botox appointment:

1. You will be asked to take off your makeup. 

Ideally, you should arrive at your Botox appointment with a clean, bare face. However, this is not always possible, especially since some people like to undergo Botox treatment during their lunch breaks. Before seeing your doctor, you will be asked to take off your makeup. Having a bare face will allow your dermatologist to clearly see your fine lines and wrinkles so they can tailor your treatment accordingly. Having a clean face will also lower your risk of infection. 

2. You will undergo facial analysis.

Botox providers utilize Botox injections with precision to treat areas of concern on your face. In order to do this, your Botox provider must first identify these areas of concern. They will do this through a process of facial analysis. When you first arrive at your Botox appointment, your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly examine your face. You will be asked to make a number of expressions. For instance, you may be asked to furrow your brow or squint your eyes. Moving your facial muscles in this manner will allow your dermatologist to notice areas where your expression lines are most prominent. Your treatment provider will use this information to decide where to place Botox injections. 

3. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of pain-reducing treatments.

Most people find that Botox injections are quite tolerable. However, if you're concerned about feeling pain during your procedure, you can take advantage of pain-reducing treatments, such as topical anesthetic cream. Your doctor can also use a cold spray to numb your skin before administering your injection. Some doctors also use a vibrating tool to provide an analgesic effect while administering Botox injections. Accepting or forgoing these pain-relieving measures is up to your discretion.

4. Your doctor will administer Botox injections.

At your Botox appointment, you will receive multiple Botox injections. By administering Botox throughout your facial area, your dermatologist can create a balanced effect. Botox is measured by unit, and the number of units you receive will depend on the severity of your facial wrinkles. After injecting Botox into your face, your dermatologist may massage the area to ensure that the medication is distributed effectively.