Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

The presence of unwanted body hair can make your skin look unattractive, making hair removal necessary. Hair elimination techniques like shaving work well, but laser hair elimination is more effective. If you're considering laser treatment, you must understand the procedure in detail. Fortunately, the following laser hair removal FAQs provide deep insights into the procedure.

How Does Laser Hair Elimination Work?

During laser hair removal, a device emits bright light on the targeted part, such as your underarms. The hair follicles absorb the light and heat up, damaging the follicles. This stops new hairs from growing. However, you also need to understand that hair undergoes different growth stages:

  • Anagen or growth phase. During this stage, your body hair experiences active growth.

  • Catagen or transition phase. This stage is characterized by hair follicle shrinkage, causing detachment from the papilla, a structure on the follicle's base.

  • Telogen or resting phase. During this stage, the old hair falls off, paving the way for new hair to grow.

Note that your body hairs may be in different growth stages at a time. Therefore, you need several laser hair removal appointments to target all of the unwanted hair at its growth phase.

Will You Feel Pain During Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment does not cause pain, but sensitive skin might experience some discomfort. Fortunately, laser hair removal professionals can help prevent the discomfort by applying a numbing gel before treatment.

What Should You Avoid Before Attending Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment?

Laser treatment professionals advise that you avoid waxing body hair several weeks before your appointment. Waxing eliminates hairs that need to be there for laser treatment to work. However, eliminating excess hair is necessary to allow light to penetrate the skin effectively. Laser treatment professionals recommend shaving. Also, don't apply lotions, as they can prevent the light from penetrating the skin.

After How Long Will You See Laser Hair Elimination Results, and Will They Last?

Laser treatment eliminates all hair that is currently growing, making the results visible after treatment. Additionally, the laser hair removal results last a long time as it may be several weeks before you notice any hair growth. Nonetheless, you may need maintenance laser appointments to completely stop hair regrowth.

These FAQs about laser hair removal treatment help you understand what laser treatment entails, whether it's painful, and what to avoid doing before the procedure. You also know how soon you will get to see the laser treatment results and how long the treatment lasts. Consider these FAQs before booking a laser treatment appointment.