Laser Hair Removal Could Save You from the Drudgery of Shaving Your Underarms

If you're tired of having to shave your underarms so frequently, then it may be time to consider having laser hair removal. Underarm hair can be coarse and grow so quickly that you need to shave it daily if you want to wear sleeveless tops and dresses. You may even worry your hairs will grow back in so fast and noticeable that you hardly ever go without sleeves. Laser hair removal can solve this problem by making your underarms smooth and free of hair. Here is some information about how it works.

Most Types of Skin Can Be Treated

The results you get from laser hair removal depend on a variety of factors such as age, skin condition, coarseness of your hair, and color of your skin. The ideal situation is to have hair that is much darker than your skin. However, that doesn't mean other skin colors can't be treated, but they might require more treatments. Plus, laser technology has advanced since laser hair removal began, and now it is easier to get results on dark skin too.

The Treatments Are Over Fast

Since your underarms are such a small area, the treatments go fast. You could easily have this procedure done on your lunch hour. This makes laser hair removal on your underarms a convenient treatment to undergo, and you won't have to worry about taking off work to recover.

The laser wand is pressed against your skin and passed over the skin in rows until your entire underarm is treated. Gel is applied first so the laser glides easily. The laser may feel warm because the laser actually heats up your hair follicles in order to destroy it. The laser wand might have a cooling attachment on it, too, that counteracts the heat you feel so you stay comfortable.

Laser hair removal treatments aren't painful, but you'll probably feel a little sting with each pulse of the laser. It may feel like a pinch or like you've been hit with a rubber band.

It Takes Time to See Results

Right after the laser treatment, your underarms will be red, but that should clear up quickly. The skin under your arms may be a little tender too. Other than that, you probably won't notice much change right away. It could take several days for your hair to fall out. You may be allowed to continue shaving, or you might be able to remove the hair with an exfoliating sponge. In a week or two, you should notice a difference in the amount of hair you have. You may even notice a difference in the texture of your hair. It might grow in finer and thinner.

Hair goes through cycles as it grows. Laser hair removal destroys the hair when it is in a specific cycle, and that's why multiple treatments are usually needed. The following treatments get rid of hairs that weren't removed the first time. Eventually, your underarms will have bare, smooth skin. Although, it's possible that you'll need touch-up treatments periodically in the future. Contact a licensed cosmetician, like Sollay Laser Center, to ask about laser hair removal.