Platysma Muscle Suspension Technique Tightens Aging Jowls And Loose Neck Appearance And Enhances Your Facial Look

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old adage goes. It's a truism that drives so many to seek cosmetic surgery and particularly facelift procedures. A facelift is a tried and proven cosmetic surgery that does make you look more attractive. With all the ultrasound and radio frequency tightening that new technology brings to the table, facelift surgery still seems to be a popular procedure that patients select for their cosmetic surgery needs. A muscle suspension technique for sagging neck and jowls is trending.

Platysma Muscle Suspension Technique For Sagging Neck and Jowls

In the past, the technique of surgical enhancement has left patients with an artificial look. Your skin may have looked taut or drawn tight. One of the newer techniques of facelift surgery is the use of a muscle suspension technique under your skin, which tightens your aging jowls and loose neck look. This procedure enhances your facial appearance.

Harmonious Relationship Between Your Face And Neck

Although the work is done on your neck, the aftereffect of the operation supports a dermatology-guided reasoning that each element of your face must have a harmonious relationship to enable a natural and age-appropriate appearance. This is evident since your neck supports your face.

Genetics Determine Whether You Develop Jowls And Loose Neck

Depending upon your genetics, your platysma muscle may droop low and develop jowls and a loose neck as you age. You don't have to live with that appearance. Using the muscle suspension technique, your surgeon employs stitches to tighten the platysma muscle beneath the skin.

Operation Redefines Your Jawline And Neck

This procedure reestablishes your face's foundation while redefining your jawline and neck. The procedure is described as a perfect solution that gives you a vibrant and youthful restored look.

Combine Other Procedures While Having Platysma Muscle Procedure

You can undergo additional facelift procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, endoscopic brow lift or laser skin resurfacing at the same time as your platysma muscle procedure. You do have that option and can discuss this with your surgeon during your initial consultation for the platysma muscle surgery. You could also undergo a chin reduction at the same time you undergo your muscle procedure. So if you've always wanted to correct your chin's look or simply reshape it to suit your needs, this is entirely possible. Your surgeon will simply remove excess bone material from your chin. You can, of course, have a chin implant done by your surgeon as well, if you consider your chin to be weak-looking.

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