Preventative Botox: Is It Right for You?

Looking in the mirror and noticing an increase in fine lines and wrinkles is often upsetting. While no one wants to look older, it's impossible to stop the aging process. However, there are ways to slow down aging and look younger than your years. One common way to relax wrinkles on the face and improve your appearance is by using Botox treatments. But is Botox right for you? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about preventative Botox to help you decide. [Read More]

Botox Treatment For "Old Eyes"

Have you been told that you have "old eyes"? Maybe when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel like your eyes look old. Typically, when someone complains of having old eyes, what they really mean is that the skin around their eyes is beginning to look older. There are a number of procedures and treatments you can rely on to help reduce the signs of aging, from wrinkles to sagging eyelids. [Read More]

Botox Injections In Place Of Cosmetic Surgery

Botox has been used as an alternative to cosmetic surgery for many years. It can correct a number of issues, and it can be considered a non-invasive option to achieve amazing results. It is also used to treat a variety of health conditions. Perhaps you some things about your facial features that you would like to improve. Budget and fear of surgery are two things that prevent some individuals from getting cosmetic surgery. [Read More]