Eyebrows Too Sparse? How Microblading Can Help

If your eyebrows are too sparse and you have tried everything to make them look thicker, but nothing is working, you should try microblading. This is a procedure that is done by a professional and can make your eyebrows look thicker. Below is information on how this works so you can decide if you would like to do this. 


Microblading is a type of tattoo where the professional implants pigment under the skin with a small handheld tool. It is much like drawing hairs on your eyebrows to fill them in. When finished, it looks completely natural, and no one will notice that you do not have real hair in your eyebrows. 

The pigment chosen matches your brows and the process may take a couple of hours to complete. This will depend on how thin your eyebrows are. The procedure itself will hurt a little for many people. 

Contact the professional that you choose and ask them how you should prepare for this procedure. They may ask you if you use retinol, and if so, to stop using it for a few days before the procedure. This is because retinol can make your skin thinner so you may bleed more than normal during the procedure. They may also tell you to stay away from drinking alcohol and caffeine for a couple of days before you have microblading done. 


You need to make sure you take proper care of your eyebrows. You should not get the eyebrow area wet for a certain amount of time. This means do not go swimming, wash your face using water, or get sweaty. The professional will tell you how long you should wait before you do these things. After microblading, you will have a scab on your eyebrows. The scab needs to come off naturally. If you get it wet, it can come off too early and you may then lose pigment. 

You should not put any makeup on the brow area. The area may feel itchy or red and irritated for a few days. If so, you can use petroleum jelly to help with the symptoms. The professional may provide you with an ointment to use after the procedure. You will notice your eyebrows will be darker in the beginning, but the color will fade a little over time. 

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