Worried About Obvious Scarring From Breast Augmentation? Don't Be.

Many women want the look of having breast implants but don't want anyone to necessarily know that they've undergone surgery. Having obvious scars peeking out from the breast tissue itself can be a dead giveaway. Thankfully, there are now options that prevent this from being a problem. Here's some ways your surgeon may keep this from being an issue for you.

The Old Days

When breast augmentation began, it's true that most women who received them did end up with scars under or on the breast tissue itself. This is because it was the easiest way to insert and remove the implants. But many women weren't satisfied with this appearance, and since then, new medical techniques have come along that allow surgeons to insert them in other ways, reducing or eliminating the risk of obvious scarring.


One way that breast implants are now inserted is through the armpit rather than the breast tissue directly. Since the two are essentially next-door neighbors, surgeons can effectively create an incision in the underside of an armpit and then access the breast tissue under the surface from there. Then an implant can be slid into place and the incisions can be closed in the armpits.

Armpit incisions are a great way to go about it because more often than not your arms will be lowered, covering up any marks that may be left behind. Plus, armpits tend to have natural wrinkles in them, which can obfuscate the appearance of scars.


Another way that a breast implant can be inserted these days is actually through the navel, or belly button. This is a unique procedure called a transumbilical breast augmentation. An incision is made in the navel, and then a deflated breast implant is inserted and guided up to the breast tissue. Once it's in place, the surgeon fills it with saline to the agreed-upon amount.

Like the armpit, the navel is full of natural wrinkles of tissue, so it's hard to make out a scar as anything more than another fold in the navel. And even if anyone did notice it as a scar, they wouldn't immediately leap to the idea that it was for breast augmentation since it's so far away.

If the only thing holding you back from getting breast implants has been concern that people will know that you've gotten them, don't worry about it. These newer methods of inserting implants can put that concern behind you. Contact a breast augmentation surgeon to learn more.