3 Cosmetic Procedures To Make Your Butt Look Better

Obtaining shapely buttocks is a common goal for women who want to change their physical appearance. Whether you simply do not carry most of your weight in your lower body or you recently lost weight, there are several procedures to help you achieve the figure of your dreams.

Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift is often used for people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have excess skin on their lower body. The procedure might be performed in conjunction with surgery to remove excess skin on the abdomen and back. For example, a circumferential body lift requires a 360-degree incision to be made around the lower abdomen and lower back, which allows the surgeon to simultaneously tighten the skin above the incision and pull up the excess skin below the incision. This surgery helps reduce excess skin on the buttocks and thighs, which can reveal the underlying contour of the buttocks. If you have been working out extensively to build your glutes, this procedure will make it easier to see the shapely muscles you have built. A lower body lift can also be combined with other procedures to enhance the contours of the buttocks. You may also need fat transfer if you do not have sufficient volume in your buttocks for the ideal contour.

Fat Transfer

Sometimes a fat transfer procedure is considered a butt lift because the procedure allows the buttocks to look more lifted and contoured, although it does not remove excess skin like a lower body lift. The procedure can be helpful if you have small amounts of sagging skin on your buttocks that could easily be smoothed out with extra volume. Fat is removed from a donor site on your body, which is often the abdomen, but it can also include other locations, especially if they are areas where you want liposuction. If you want to simultaneously change the contours of your body, such as slimming your waist to make your figure appear curvier, this can work well in combination with buttock enhancement procedures. The surgeon will process the fat from your donor site to remove blood and components other than fat so the fat can be injected into the buttocks.

Fat transfer is not ideal if you purely want larger buttocks because it is difficult to transfer enough fat to substantially increase volume. The procedure is better suited for people who want some increase in volume but are more concerned with the shape and projection of their buttocks. Fat can be added to the top of the buttocks and where the upper thigh and buttocks meet to give your buttocks a more rounded appearance. You may also want fat transfer near your hips so there is a smooth transition between your hips and buttocks.


Implants are ideal when you want significant changes to the overall size of your buttocks. You can also combine implants with fat transfer to improve size and shape. The implants used for buttock augmentation are silicone and are available in different sizes to help you achieve your ideal proportions. When you discuss implants with your surgeon, they will help you decide the size of implants. Some people want to achieve a more balanced figure, whereas others find a dramatic pear or hourglass shape is closer to their ideal figure. If you want your implants to appear more natural, you will need to take into consideration your hips and thighs. Generally, a woman with naturally larger buttocks has wider hips and/or larger thighs. So, you and your surgeon may want to discuss keeping these areas in balance.

If you do not have your ideal buttocks, there are plenty of options to lift your butt or improve the shape and size. Sometimes a combination of procedures will be needed to help you achieve your goals.