Non-Implant Breast Augmentation Procedures

If you're looking to improve upon the shapeliness of your breasts, you may be wondering about your options. Though implants are the most popular type of breast augmentation procedure, they aren't the only type. Here are a few non-implant options for getting a look you'll love.

Breast Lifts

A breast lift doesn't add size to your breasts but does move them upward and alter their shape. If you feel as though your breasts are approximately the right size, but you just want to make them "perkier," a breast lift alone may do the job. If you also want to add mass, then you should know that breast implants and breast lifts are frequently done together, and often work very well together.

Fatty Tissue Implants

There are methods of augmenting a breast's mass without an implant at all. These fatty tissue implants are done in much the same way as posterior implants: by injecting fatty tissue or another solution into the area.

Patients need to be careful with this. Some less than reputable doctors may inject materials that could be harmful. If foreign materials are added in this way, they will eventually be rejected, and the procedure will need to be done again. This is similar to placing collagen in lips. 

When fatty tissue is taken from other areas of the patient and injected, it will usually stay. However, it can be difficult to get a precise look or shape this way.

Size Correction

Many women have uneven breasts. One breast may be more than a few cup sizes off from the other. In this situation, it's possible for a surgeon to complete a size correction without adding an implant, by removing mass from the other breast, and by making sure each breast hangs the same way.

Breast Reductions

Sometimes when a patient is unhappy with her breasts, she's actually more unhappy with the current size. Large breasts may not look as large as they are if they are shaped in a way that the patient doesn't like. Some breasts naturally hang flatter on the body, while others have a "tube" shape. In this situation, a large breast may be reduced by having fatty tissue removed. The overall result may actually be a breast that looks larger because the remaining fatty tissue is condensed.

Though there are a lot of options other than implants, implants remain one of the most effective forms of breast augmentation surgery. A cosmetic surgeon can go over your options with you and discuss what's best for you.