Restoring Your Figure After Pregnancy

If you recently had a baby, you are most likely anxious in getting your body back to the way it was before you had gotten pregnant. Unfortunately, pregnancy often takes a toll on a woman's body and the results expected are not always easily obtained. Here are a few methods you can use in getting your body back to its pre-pregnant look:

Diet And Exercise

If you are breastfeeding, you will need to hold off on getting your body completely back to normal until after you wean your baby. You will need additional calories to make milk, and weight loss at this time is not recommended. Continue eating healthily as you did when you were pregnant. After you wean your baby, add an exercise routine to your schedule to help you lose the rest of the pounds you had added to your body.

Breast Restoration

Many times women find that after pregnancy, their breasts are no longer as full as they were before. If you breastfeed, this is not noticed until after you wean. The extra weight and hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause the breasts to lose their shape, making them appear smaller and saggier than they were before.

If breast shape concerns you, and you wish to have it cosmetically altered to get fullness back into your figure, breast augmentation may help. This surgical procedure is done by either using implants or removing fat stores from another part of your body to inject into the breasts. The surgery will restore the volume of your breasts, giving you renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Stomach Restoration

If exercising and dieting does not give you the desired results, it may be because the skin's elasticity changes during pregnancy. Many times exercise alone will not firm up the skin as well as you would like, leaving you with sagging areas due to the stretching it endured before childbirth.

If you are not happy with the look of your stomach and you are finding that your exercise regimen is not doing enough to tighten the stomach muscles, having a tummy tuck may help you get back the flat stomach you wish to have.

During this surgical procedure your doctor will make an incision low on your stomach and remove extra skin. The muscles underneath may be tightened and the procedure is often done along with liposuction to remove extra fat cells from the area.