New Innovations To Help Your Skin Look Even Better

The first thing people see and notice about you when you meet them is your skin. As such, keeping your skin looking healthy, fresh, and youthful is increasingly important. Many people turn to the help of dermatologists to treat and maintain their skin. Luckily, the field of aesthetic dermatology has many options available to help you do just that. Get to know some of the new innovations in skin care and aesthetic dermatology that can help you to keep your skin looking as healthy as possible. Whether you are looking to treat a condition or just to maintain, there are options available to you. 

Online Dermatologist Consultations

While you may not have time to go to the dermatologist every time you have an acne breakout, skin condition flare-up, or question or concern about the health of your skin, you may not have to forgo dermatological treatments. Some dermatologists are taking to the web to provide you with treatment and consultations even when you can't make it in to the office. 

Secure websites allow you to send in your medical history, current medications, and even photos of your skin to board certified dermatologists to get treatment advice and suggestions. This phenomenon known as telemedicine will help you to get an idea of what you can do at home to help car for your skin and will give you an idea of treatments available to you at an aesthetic dermatologist's office. 

Cold Therapy For Wrinkles

One of the biggest concerns people have about the appearance of their skin is the aging process. While wrinkles are an inevitable part of life, many people do whatever they can to prevent and slow them.

Cold therapy is a relatively new innovation in treating forehead wrinkles that you may want to consider if you are beginning to notice the signs of aging on your face. This treatment works essentially by freezing the wrinkles. Cold thermal energy is used on the skin of the forehead to temporarily block motor nerve operation in the forehead.

The nerve blockage causes the muscles in your forehead to relax and can reduce those wrinkles in your forehead. Tests of this treatment have shown results that last at least thirty days with over 90 percent of the participants reporting at least a 25 percent improvement in their skin's appearance.  

Keeping your skin looking healthy and vibrant is a goal that is important to you. As such, keep these new innovations in aesthetic dermatology in mind as you try to maintain and care for your skin. 

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